The DiscussionComposer component displays the composer content for starting a new discussion. It adds a text field as a header control so the user can enter the title of their discussion. It also overrides the submit and willExit actions to account for the title.


  • All of the attrs for ComposerBody
  • titlePlaceholder




The attributes passed into the component.


composer: any
element: Element

The root DOM element for the component.

loading: undefined | boolean

Whether or not the component is loading.

state: undefined

Class component state that is persisted between redraws.

Updating this will not automatically trigger a redraw, unlike other frameworks.

This is different to Vnode state, which is always an instance of your class component.

This is undefined by default.

title: undefined | Function

The value of the title input.


  • Returns a jQuery object for this component's element. If you pass in a selector string, this method will return a jQuery object, using the current element as its buffer.

    For example, calling component.$('li') will return a jQuery object containing all of the li elements inside the DOM element of this component.


    the jQuery object for the DOM node



    • Optional selector: string

      a jQuery-compatible selector string

    Returns JQuery<HTMLElement>

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