The History class keeps track and manages a stack of routes that the user has navigated to in their session.

An item can be pushed to the top of the stack using the push method. An item in the stack has a name and a URL. The name need not be unique; if it is the same as the item before it, that will be overwritten with the new URL. In this way, if a user visits a discussion, and then visits another discussion, popping the history stack will still take them back to the discussion list rather than the previous discussion.


  • History




stack: HistoryEntry[] = []

The stack of routes that have been navigated to.


  • Push an item to the top of the stack.


    • name: string

      The name of the route.

    • title: string

      The title of the route.

    • Optional url: string = ...

      The URL of the route. The current URL will be used if not provided.

    Returns void

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