The Composer component displays the composer. It can be loaded with a content component with load and then its position/state can be altered with show, hide, close, minimize, fullScreen, and exitFullScreen.




$backdrop: undefined | JQuery<HTMLElement>
active: undefined | boolean

Whether or not the composer currently has focus.

The attributes passed into the component.

element: Element

The root DOM element for the component.

handle: any
handlers: undefined | {}

Type declaration

    prevPosition: any
    state: undefined | ComposerState

    The composer's "state".


    • Returns a jQuery object for this component's element. If you pass in a selector string, this method will return a jQuery object, using the current element as its buffer.

      For example, calling component.$('li') will return a jQuery object containing all of the li elements inside the DOM element of this component.


      • Optional selector: string

        a jQuery-compatible selector string

      Returns JQuery<HTMLElement>

      the jQuery object for the DOM node


    • Update the DOM to reflect the composer's current height. This involves setting the height of the composer's root element, and adjusting the height of any flexible elements inside the composer's body.

      Returns void

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