The CommentPost component displays a standard comment-typed post. This includes a number of item lists (controls, header, and footer) surrounding the post's HTML content.


  • post




attrs: IPostAttrs

The attributes passed into the component.


cardVisible: undefined | boolean

Whether or not the user hover card inside of PostUser is visible. The property must be managed in CommentPost to be able to use it in the subtree check

contentHtml: any
element: Element

The root DOM element for the component.

loading: boolean = false

May be set by subclasses.

revealContent: undefined | boolean

If the post has been hidden, then this flag determines whether or not its content has been expanded.

state: undefined

Class component state that is persisted between redraws.

Updating this will not automatically trigger a redraw, unlike other frameworks.

This is different to Vnode state, which is always an instance of your class component.

This is undefined by default.

Ensures that the post will not be redrawn unless new data comes in.


  • Returns a jQuery object for this component's element. If you pass in a selector string, this method will return a jQuery object, using the current element as its buffer.

    For example, calling component.$('li') will return a jQuery object containing all of the li elements inside the DOM element of this component.


    the jQuery object for the DOM node



    • Optional selector: string

      a jQuery-compatible selector string

    Returns JQuery<HTMLElement>

  • Initialize the component's attrs.

    This can be used to assign default values for missing, optional attrs.


    • attrs: unknown

    Returns void

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