interface KnownError

An exception that has a well-known meaning in a Flarum application.

We use these exceptions as a mechanism to quickly bubble up errors from the domain layer. Using the {\Flarum\Foundation\ErrorHandling\Registry}, these will then be mapped to error "types" and, if relevant, HTTP statuses.

Exceptions implementing this interface can implement their own logic to determine their own type (usually a hardcoded value).



<p>Determine the exception's type.</p>


string getType()

<p>Determine the exception's type.</p>

<p>This should be a short, precise identifier for the error that can be exposed to users as an error code. Furthermore, it can be used to find appropriate error messages in translations or views to render pretty error pages.</p> <p>Different exception classes are allowed to return the same status code, e.g. when they have similar semantic meaning to the end user, but are thrown by different subsystems.</p>

Return Value