Prepare API attributes.
Configuring deprecated
Base model class, building on Eloquent.
Migration factory.
An object which represents the internal state of a search for discussions: the search query, the user performing the search, the fallback sort order, relevant post information, and a log of which gambits have been used.
Models a discussion-user state record in the database.
ConfigureLocales deprecated
Get an API serializer relationship.
Determine whether or not a model should be marked as is_private.
The PrepareUserGroups event.
The ScopeModelVisibility event allows constraints to be applied in a query to fetch a model, effectively scoping that model's visibility to the user.
Compat deprecated
This class is used to wrap old bootstrap.php closures (as used in versions up to 0.1.0-beta7) in the new Extender format.
An error that was caught / interpreted by Flarum's error handling stack.
A formatter to render exceptions as valid {JSON:API} error object.
Log caught exceptions to a PSR-3 logger instance.
Flarum's central registry of known error types.
A formatter for turning caught exceptions into "pretty" HTML error pages.
Handle errors using the Whoops error handler for debugging.
The Validating event is called when a validator instance for a model is being built. This event can be used to add custom rules/extensions to the validator for when validation takes place.
An exception that has a well-known meaning in a Flarum application.
A factory class for creating frontend asset compilers.
A view which renders a HTML skeleton for Flarum's frontend app.
Catch exceptions thrown in a PSR-15 middleware stack and handle them safely.
Inspired by Illuminate\View\Middleware\ShareErrorsFromSession.
An interface for a mail service.
A notification BlueprintInterface, when instantiated, represents a notification about something. The blueprint is used by the NotificationSyncer to commit the notification to the database.
Models a notification record in the database.
The Notification Syncer commits notification blueprints to the database, and sends them via email depending on user preference. Where a blueprint represents a single notification, the syncer associates it with a particular user(s) and makes it available in their inbox.
A standard comment in a discussion.
A post which indicates that a discussion's title was changed.
A post that has the ability to be merged into an adjacent post.
A hacky workaround to avoid injecting an entire QueueManager (which we don't want to build) into Laravel's queue worker class.
An object which represents the internal state of a generic search: the search query, the user performing the search, the fallback sort order, and a log of which gambits have been used.
Represents the criteria that will determine the entire result set of a search. The limit and offset are not included because they only determine which part of the entire result set will be returned.
Prepare settings for display in the client.
A settings repository decorator that allows overriding certain values.
Takes a UserSearchCriteria object, performs a search using gambits, and spits out a UserSearchResults object.