The Drawer class controls the page's drawer. The drawer is the area the slides out from the left on mobile devices; it contains the header and the footer.


  • Drawer



$backdrop: undefined | JQuery<HTMLElement>
appElement: HTMLDivElement
drawerAvailableMediaQuery: MediaQueryList
focusTrap: FocusTrap
resizeHandler: ((e: any) => void) = ...

Type declaration

    • (e: any): void
    • Internal

      Handler for the resize event on window.

      This is used to close the drawer when the viewport is widened past the phone size. At this point, the drawer turns into the standard header that we see on desktop, but the drawer is still registered as 'open' internally.

      This causes issues with the focus trap, resulting in focus becoming trapped within the header on desktop viewports.


      • e: any

      Returns void


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